Companies seeking investment


The challenges

Companies requiring investment to support their emerging or non-standard business need partners who are flexible and supportive. Often, the esoteric nature of the business makes it difficult to gain access to capital. Lack of time and resources can hinder the identification and evaluation of finance options.


Our solutions

With proven expertise in niche sectors, our track record in special situation deals speaks for itself. Utilising our global network of Single Family Offices (SFOs) and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs), we take a considered yet tenacious approach to raising funds for our clients. We regularly invest our own capital. The breadth of our network enables us to facilitate investment at every stage of a company’s growth. In addition, our experience, contacts and geographic reach facilitate further operational benefits.


  • Access to flexible, non-institutional capital
  • Investment for each stage of growth
  • Ease and speed of process
  • Advisor equity participation

SFOs and UHNWIs seeking investment opportunities


The challenges

For Single Family Offices (SFOs) and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs), finding unique investment opportunities that match their requirements - without arduous networking and screening - can be problematic. They want access to a greater diversity of quality investment options, which can be difficult to achieve with what is often a small team based in one location.


Our solutions

We provide access to esoteric and unique investment opportunities, all of which we rigorously vet for quality and risk. By drawing on our deep sector knowledge and global network of relationships, SFOs can efficiently track emerging trends and discover new opportunities before they attract mainstream interest. Given the flexible nature of the capital that our network provides, we can outmanoeuvre more conventional institutional capital – creating the potential to deliver superior returns. We also regularly invest our own capital into these opportunities.

  • Greater choice of investment options
  • Formerly verified deals
  • Identification of emerging trends and markets
  • Alignment of equity interest driving exit returns


"As a first generation family that made the transition from Entrepreneur to Family Office, it is important to identify good investment propositions and be part of a community with likeminded families. They are also a trusted source of unique off-market transactions where they invest their own capital - something that is rare these days."

Family Office, London UK

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