Chrystal Capital

Why work with us?

We want to be a trusted partner to your family and we understand intimately how to achieve this. We will fit seamlessly into both the internal and external advisory relationships that you currently hold and will never look to manage your capital.

You can verify our relationships by speaking to any number of the globally based 500 single family offices we regularly interact with.

We can provide financial advisory services to your portfolio companies and assist in bringing like-minded capital to your investments. We can act as a conduit to highly vetted deal flow, providing access to bespoke and tailored direct company investments. We can also provide access to institutional funds that want private capital co-investment partners. Through longstanding relationships with UK capital market participants, we can provide access to transactions not typically available to non-institutional investors, such as IPOs.

Chrystal Capital believes in exchanging ideas and regularly hosts round table lunches and seminars, providing unique networking opportunities to share investment ideas and meet like-minded families.