Chrystal Capital

A partner to family offices

Chrystal has a growing network of relationships with large family offices that regularly invest directly into our client companies.

Chrystal has built an extensive, global single family office network, cultivating relationships in order to understand the families financial requirements, operational needs, goals and areas of investment interest.

We are a trusted source of advisory services to the families, assisting them with their existing portfolio investments, whilst also reviewing new investment cases on their behalf. The families also benefit from gaining access to like-minded capital for opportunities they originate, whilst knowing that we are not trying to manage their assets. We work seamlessly alongside other internal and external advisors to provide a bespoke service to their needs.

What our team discovered from the onset was that the appetite for high quality direct deals among this group of investors is strong but often under-served by the financial services sector. We act as an aggregator of information from the families, finding common areas of focus with regards to sector / geography / structure, and then source off-market, direct investment opportunities based on pre-qualified investment demand. These opportunities are originated from both within the network and from trusted third parties.

This approach of bringing families together around unique, high quality investment opportunities has resulted in a significant number of completed deals.