Breakfast Series - May 2019 - title required

We are showcasing three growth opportunities on Wednesday May 22nd.  All are revenue generating with established products, blue chip customers and institutional investors. Two of the three are EIS investment opportunities.


This is a new initiative, to allow our network to meet the best opportunities we see that don’t meet our current later stage PE focus. 


Each company will make a 20 minute presentation followed by brief Q&A in a 90 minutes session.  We will also host a group lunch with each company in the week of 27 May, to allow you to hear a more detailed pitch if you are interested.

Charlie-Horrell CEO of IMAGEN

Charlie Horrell, CEO,


Imagen helps businesses, sports organisations and media companies to manage and distribute their ever growing media libraries. This ensures fast, easy, secure and controlled access to content through a highly-customisable content portal.


Jennifer Johansson Founder/CEO, Placed

Created by the industry, for the industry, PLACED is a revolutionary mobile and web application with a super slick matching algorithm and highly advanced filtering system, allowing hospitality venues to automatically match with candidates based on skills, experience, personality and any other specified criteria and needs.


Rajeeb Day Founder/CEO, Learnebly

Learnerbly is a professional development platform. We empower employees to future proof their careers while supporting businesses to build a culture of learning.

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