Chrystal Capital

Why work with us?

Chrystal Capital provides clients with alternative sources of funding, predominantly from single family offices (SFOs), multi-family offices (MFOs) and select niche institutional investors. The firm has a growing network of more than 500 SFOs and of over 1,000 private investors, providing a unique gateway to sources of capital that are difficult to access. We have a track record of raising money across multiple rounds and experience in bringing SFOs into co-investments with institutional capital. Often these sources of highly sought-after capital are capable of also meeting both current and future funding or financing requirements. Chrystal also invests its own capital alongside the SFO and private investors.

A significant amount of our own due diligence is undertaken before engaging with a company. It is paramount we represent only high quality companies managed by experienced, respected teams. Once mandated by the company, we assist with all aspects of the fundraising process and also become the company’s financial advisor.

Chrystal Capital provides financial advisory services, through which we work out the most appropriate investment structure for the company and handle the preparation and execution of the fund raising process. We can advise on, and if required introduce, non-executives to strengthen the Board of Directors. The capital itself can be raised expediently, as family offices have significant discretionary funds at their disposal to invest opportunistically into deals. Thus, when assessing a potential investment, there is availability to deploy capital more quickly and decisively. This pool of capital is increasingly being sought in order to bridge the funding gap left by diminishing traditional sources of finance.