Companies seeking funding

The challenges

For companies, securing the right source of capital can be difficult. They may lack knowledge of the options available. They may also want an alternative to institutional private capital and public markets – one that offers operational benefits through experience, contacts and geographic reach. Partnering with an advisory group willing to align interests is not always readily available.

Our solutions

We provide access to global Single Family Office (SFO) and Ultra High Net Worth Individual (UHNWI) capital. By delivering flexible solutions with a longer-term outlook, this access can offer greater advantages than institutional private capital and public markets. Our funding options are based on a broad, demonstrable and flexible distribution network. We regularly structure deals to include our own equity participation.

  • Access to an alternative investor base
  • Flexible terms and speed of execution
  • Long-term shareholder base with aligned goals
  • Investments for all stages and uses

SFOs seeking funding

The challenges

Single Family Offices (SFOs) often need funding options for companies in their portfolio. Many SFOs feel comfortable working with other SFOs, welcoming co-investment opportunities amongst themselves, but lack the resources to develop their network. They can also require advisory and/or executional support.

Our solutions

We can provide access to a broad range of funding options through the introduction of our network of partners, including SFOs, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) and institutions. We also offer advisory and due diligence support to facilitate deal execution. With extensive expertise in structuring co-investment opportunities within our network, we align interests by regularly investing our own capital.

  • Added value to portfolio investments
  • Investment from like-minded capital
  • Additional transactional resource
  • Minimal demands on time and resources


"We have been working with Chrystal Capital for the past eight years across a wide selection of opportunities globally. We have invested with and have also engaged with Chrystal Capital to successfully raise family office capital for a number of our own portfolio companies across Europe and North America. Their ability to raise significant capital quickly is unparalleled."

Family Office, Texas USA


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