Chrystal Capital

Co-investment partners

Providing access to family office capital.

We work with leading financial institutions to bring additional capital into deals. This capital comes primarily but not exclusively from a network of single family offices (SFOs) that look to Chrystal to originate investment opportunities based on our understanding of their investment criteria.

In recent years SFOs have looked to make more direct investments and have reduced assets allocated to funds. In particular the SFOs have shown a strong desire to make co-investments alongside both leading private equity and venture capital investors. We work with a select number of institutional investors in this manner; enabling them access to additional capital and to create secondary markets for their portfolio companies.

We also work with investment banks in a similar manner to bring additional capital into public equity transactions: these could be Initial Public Offerings or secondary transactions. In these instances we facilitate additional capital for the company, a greater chance of a successful deal for the bank and access to public market deals that meet the required investment mandate for the SFOs.