Chrystal Capital


Chrystal acts as both fundraiser and financial advisor to its corporate clients.

As fundraiser Chrystal’s strength is the breadth of its investor relationships. In particular the team has spent years building and cultivating family office relationships in order to understand families different but specific investment criteria. This enables Chrystal to introduce relevant family office investors to corporates looking to access family office capital, a significant but difficult to access source of funding.

In addition, Chrystal maintains relationships with a raft of institutional capital from traditional asset managers, through hedge funds to private equity and venture capital funds. Finally, Chrystal also has an extensive network of High Net Worth individuals that may participate in its deals. Consequently, the firm is in a strong position to introduce the right type of capital for its clients’ needs. This has resulted in a demonstrable track record of success with Chrystal having advised on 55 deals raising $855m since 2010.

In its role as financial advisor, Chrystal offers a comprehensive advisory service covering both public and private, debt and equity. The breadth of investor relationships enables the fundraising side of the business to be agnostic to the type of capital raise required by its clients. For example, the transaction split to date is 35 private deals raising $347m versus 20 public deals accounting for $508m of funding. By number the same deals divide 73% equity to 27% debt or convertible debt; with equity accounting for $628m and debt $227m by value. Chrystal’s fundraising team is thus in a position to implement whatever independent financial fundraising advice the advisory side of the business deem appropriate. This ability to offer independent financial advice, backed by agnostic fundraising capacity, has been a key foundation of the firm’s success.